Auto A/C Repair Services

At Ghazal, Al Aweer our team of certified auto A/C repair specialists are quick about diagnosing and fixing your car air conditioner needs. We have the tools, equipment and expertise to solve automotive A/C malfunctions, including filter replacements, refrigerant fluid refills and repairing refrigerant leaks.

Our team can handle everything from the most simple to the most complex auto A/C repairs. Your air compressor is the single most important part of your air conditioning system, and it takes an experienced professional at Ghazal, Al Aweer to properly service your A/C.

Every vehicle should be prepared for the change in seasons. Come see us before you experience an A/C breakdown. We carefully monitor and inspect your vehicle’s cooling system to make sure you’re in control of your cabin comfort. Our auto A/C repair services are complete and effective. When you come to our repair facility for A/C services, they’re done right the first time. Nothing is more annoying than finding out a repair shop has done a partial fix that only lasts a day or two.

If you’re driving around with a broken A/C in your vehicle, stop by our shop in Al Aweer for repairs. We’ll restore your vehicle’s ability to control the cabin’s air quality and comfort. Just give us a call at +9714 333 1520 and schedule the time that works best for you. For your convenience, you can pick a day and time that works for you right now.

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