Automotive Tune-Ups

Tune-ups may consist of basic maintenance (oil change, filter, fluids, tire rotation) all the way up to more serious diagnostics. Maintaining your vehicle’s quality performance is all about receiving consistent tune-up services. At Ghazal, Al Aweer, our team specializes in keeping your vehicle in the best shape possible.

Your brakes, tires, battery, as well as other automotive components need routine inspections and monitoring to prevent potential trouble. Additionally, regular wear and tear over the years makes your vehicle parts more susceptible to breakdowns.

At Ghazal, Al Aweer, we believe it’s important to perform tune-up services to replace any vehicle parts that are worn or corroding and correct any components that are malfunctioning. With our quality tune-up service, we’ll be able to advise you on any potential problems that we see along with a suggested course of action.

Drivers are often unaware of current issues as well as potential problems with their vehicle. By the time they notice anything, it’s already too late. When a vehicle is brought into our shop for a tune-up service, our goal is to prevent vehicle owners from unnecessarily spending money on repairs, and correct any issue before they become a repair need.

What Our Mechanics Visually Inspect During a Tune-Up Service :

- Your vehicle’s engine
- Check Engine Light
- Air Filters
- Fuel Filters
- Spark Plugs
- Ignition Components (wires, coils, etc.)
- Fluids
- Tires
- Belts & Hoses
- Oxygen Sensor

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