Motor Mount Replacement

Most vehicles have multiple motor mounts, and if one of the motor mounts breaks the driver will experience significant shaking and vibrations from the engine. Broken motor mounts place tremendous stress on all of the other components that are attached to the engine, and can result in broken transmission mounts and transmission bolts, exhaust leaks and damaged wiring.

If you’re experiencing excessive engine vibration or engine rattling, it’s likely that one or more of your motor mounts has gone bad. Other symptoms include broken engine belts or hoses. Whenever you notice that something is off with your vehicle, you should schedule an inspection right away! Motor mounts are not typically checked during general maintenance, but they will be one of the first things we look at when you report a noisy or vibrating engine.

Ghazal, Al Aweer is dedicated to providing the quality care that your vehicle deserves. We know that you count on your car to get you through your busy day, so we work hard to perform repairs that are done correctly the first time.

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