Upholstery Work

At Ghazal garage, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our one-stop shop for upholstery needs, repair and fabrication needs, our expert craftsmen will repair or replace your existing upholstery to like-new conditions or will custom design a new look to your specifications.

When your upholstery is old or worn out, Ghazal garage is your shop for all repair or custom fabrication needs.We only use top quality material from the very best suppliers and our staff knows about upholstery.

Services Include:

Seats, seat frame repair (metal or wood), seat springs, seat re-foam, foam repair/custom foam fitting, seat belt webbing, install heating pads, seat re-stitching, cut foam pieces to replace old ones, material replacement (1pc or whole seat), install missing pieces, embroider material on seats, change cloth/vinyl to leather.

Headliner, sunroof headliner, sunshade, sunvisors.

Door panels recover, door panels repair, door panel armrests, door panel carpet.

Carpet, carpet padding, pre-molded carpet, or custom carpet, carpet kits, custom fit with or without mats.

Headrest, headrest cover, embroidered headrests, headrest restitch, headrest modifications, install headrest pieces.

Convertible top glass or plastic windows, convertible top side windows, convertible patch, convertible seal, convertible repair, convertible top zipper replacement, convertible top slider replacement.

Vinyl top replace, vinyl top patch, vinyl top seal, vinyl top repair.

Boat panels, marine upholstery, motor covers, console covering, boat cover, boat floor cover, carpet, rubber mat, boat re-foam, boat seat wood replaced and treated, foam plastic cover for seats, seat replace with marine grade vinyl (1pc or whole section), Add velcro, zippers.

RV seat, chairs, curtain engine covers, pontoon helm console covering, seats – car cover, boat cover, tonneau french seams, water leak, sheep skin covers, motorcycle shock gel, complete leather interior, car seats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, clipper furniture, bimini tops, boat lounge seats, fishing boats, live well covers, pedestals, vinyl, fabric, leather, auto restoration, bed covers, tonneau covers, high grade cloth, door and side paneling, restaurant, booth seats, bar railing covers, ottoman, loveseats, recycliner, theater seating, leather sectional, antique furniture, sunpas, repair damaged or whole item, zipper replacement for pop up tent camper, zipper slidder replacement.

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